Winston Salem Teach


March 1, 2024

Thank you for your interest in the Winston-Salem TEACH.
If you have questions before you start your application, please indicate your interest or ask a question here.

Prospective residents will engage in a two-part application process, applying simultaneously to WS-TEACH and the appropriate Graduate School. Applicants must be accepted into both programs to become residents. 

Winston-Salem TEACH applicants will be evaluated
on the following criteria:

Before you begin this application, you will need the following materials:

Unofficial Higher Education Transcripts


WS-TEACH Essay Response

WS-TEACH Essay Prompt:

Winston-Salem TEACH stands for Winston-Salem Teachers for Equity, Achievement, Community, and Humanity. In a two-page, double-spaced essay, please describe how your past experiences and interests contribute to WS-TEACH’s core commitments. Why does teaching for equity, achievement, community, and humanity matter to you? How do you hope to grow from this experience?

Equity: Our aim is to ensure that each child in WS/FCS high-need schools has the support they need to reach their potential.
Achievement: The program seeks to develop teachers who are able to support students’ academic achievement in high-need schools.
Community: We are committed to collaborating with Winston-Salem families and partners to address the social, emotional, and educational needs of young people in WS/FCS high-need schools.
Humanity: We are invested in developing educators who use their skills, knowledge, and talents to better the lives of others.

After you submit your Winston-Salem TEACH application, please remember to also submit an application at the relevant licensure lead institution: 

If you have any questions, as you complete these graduate school applications, please email the relevant licensure area lead at our partner institutions: 

Elementary Education

(grades K-6): Dr. Rebecca Jordan,

Special Education

(grades K-12): Dr. Cynthia Williams Brown,

Secondary Education

(grades 9-12): Dr. Alan Brown,