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Elementary Education Licensure

The Elementary Education program is facilitated by Salem College. Salem, the oldest educational institution for women in America, now enrolls approximately 450 students, with approximately 25% of its students enrolled in educator preparation programs. While Salem College is an historically women-serving institution, Graduate and Professional Studies and the Marth H. Fleer Center for Adult Education programs are coeducational. Through this focus, Salem prepares teachers who understand the impact of education on the overall health of children, families, and communities. The Elementary Education program emphasizes a whole-child approach that addresses physical and emotional well-being as well as cognitive development. The program follows a two-phased design. Phase 1 focuses on initial teacher preparation and culminates with the student teaching internship. Phase 2, designed to be completed while teaching, addresses advanced competencies and leads to an advanced-level teaching license.

Course Schedule

Summer 1

EDUC510: 21st Century Teaching & Learning (3 hours)​

EDUC522: Learners in Context (3 hours)​

EDU532: Development and Cognition (3 hours)​

EDUC534: Introduction to Exceptionalities (3 hours)


EDUC530 Instructional Design (3 hours)

EDUC555: Primary Literacy (3 hours)

EDUC570: Integrated Mathematics (3 hours)

EDUC572: Integrated Content Areas (Social Studies and Science) (3hours)


EDU594: Teachers as Practitioners Seminar (1 hour)

EDUC594: Teachers as Practitioners (5 hours)

Summer II (for Advanced Licensure)

EDUC 620 Action Research and Writing for Publication (3 hours)

EDUC 621 Leadership and Collaboration (3 hours)

EDUC Elective (3 hours)

Fall II (for Advanced Licensure)

EDUC 635 Instructional Systems and Models (3 hours)

EDUC 699 Professional Research Seminar (3 hours)

EDUC Elective (3 hours)

Tuition Costs
Summer I $3,400
Fall $3,400
Spring $1,700
Summer II $2,550 
Fall II $2,550
TOTAL $13,600

To learn more about Salem’s Elementary Education Master’s program,
please visit this Salem College MAT Program website.


Dr. Rebecca Jordan
Associate Professor of Literacy Education, Salem College